Breast Implant Profile: What Patients Should Know

December 26, 2019
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When it comes to breast augmentation surgery, patients have more options than just silicone gel or saline. There are numerous considerations that impact surgical outcomes, including the size of the implant, the shape of the implant, and the implant profile. Dr. Marcus H. Crawford discusses all of these matters with patients in the Atlanta and Marietta, GA area so they can make the best decisions about their appearance.

Let’s take a moment to consider breast implant profile, an important aspect of breast implants that’s often overlooked. As you’re about to read, breast implant profile can make almost as much difference as the size of the breast implants used.

The Basics of Breast Implant Profile

Breast implant profile refers to how much the breast implants project away from the patient’s chest. High profile breast implants project outward more and have a rounder overall appearance, while low profile breast implants have less forward protrusion from the chest.

Why Breast Implant Profile Is Important

Implant size is just one aspect of breast augmentation surgery. It’s crucial, but not the only factor when developing a treatment plan for a patient.

Getting natural-looking results from breast augmentation surgery means being able to customize the implants so they complement a patient’s body type. Some patients can benefit more from adjusting the profile of the breast implants. They help create more prominent cleavage, and can add a much curvier and pronounced silhouette when viewed from the side.

If you compare two implants that are the same volume but are made for different profiles, you’ll be able to see how much difference the profile can make. A patient’s final breast augmentation results can vary greatly just based on this switch of implant profile.

When Are High Profile Breast Implants More Ideal?

High profile breast implants have the most outward projection. In most cases, these kinds of breast implants are most ideal for women who are petite and have a narrow chest wall. The high profile yields results that look most realistic given the woman’s body type.

When Are Low Profile Breast Implants More Ideal?

Low profile breast implants have the least outward projection. In most cases, low profile breast implants are ideal for women with broad chests and shoulders. The implants spread out more, which complements the wider frame and leads to more natural outcomes.

Discussing Breast Augmentation with You

During the consultation process, we can go over different breast implant profiles and why one may be more ideal for you than another. The goal is the get effective results from the breast augmentation procedure that help you look your best.

We’re here to provide answers to all of your questions about implants and surgical recovery, and to help you achieve the best cosmetic results possible.

Speak with a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

To learn more about breast implant profiles and other aspects of surgery that can affect the final results, be sure to contact a board-certified plastic surgeon. We look forward to your visit and discussing the procedure in greater detail.

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