Ensuring Good Cleavage from a Breast Augmentation Procedure

September 19, 2014

Most women who are considering a breast augmentation surgical procedure will not hesitate to say that one of their main reasons for doing so is to enhance their cleavage. The surgeons at Crawford Plastic Surgery hear the same reasons again and again when they sit down with patients for an initial consultation to discuss options and their benefits and risks, as well as the patient’s goals from the procedure itself. His potential patients want to show off their breast cleavage in bathing suits, bras, and low-cut tops and dresses. What are some things that women considering a breast augmentation procedure should know in order to ensure they have the best possible cleavage following their surgery?

Anatomical Considerations

Dr. Crawford will work with each patient to make certain they are completely satisfied with the results of their breast augmentation procedure. However, there are some important anatomical considerations patients should bear in mind when they want to enhance their cleavage as much as possible as a result of the procedure.

The size and shape of the actual breasts may play a role in the amount of cleavage that can be created. Women with very small breasts may not have enough skin and tissue to cover implants that are too large. As a result, the implants may end up showing through the skin.

The placement of the original breasts on the chest, both horizontally and vertically, can also affect Dr. Crawford’s ability to create good cleavage. If the breasts are horizontally far apart on the chest, it may take more effort to create proper cleavage than for breasts that sit closer together. Conversely, if the breasts sit too close together, it may result in the “uniboob” effect, in which there is no clear differentiation between the breasts, and thus the cleavage may look artificial. If the natural breasts are not vertically even on the chest, the cleavage itself may look uneven.

The width of the chest can also affect cleavage. Women with thinner frames are more likely to have narrower chests, so the breasts will be closer together. Women with larger frames will have wider chests with breasts that sit further apart.

Implant Size and Profile

The size of the implant will also affect how much cleavage is created. As a general rule, larger implants placed closer together will give the effect of more cleavage.

However, the profile of the implant may also have some effect on the amount of cleavage. The implant’s profile is determined by its circumference as compared to its height. Implants with a low profile will have more width than height. Implants with a high profile will have more height than width. The profile makes a difference when taking into consideration the width of the chest, as noted above. Women with narrow chests will want to select a high profile implant to avoid the uniboob effect. Those women with wider chests will want to select an implant with a low profile, to avoid the breasts being too far apart to create cleavage.

The surgeons at Crawford Plastic Surgery are dedicated to not only providing women with breast augmentations that look and feel as natural as possible, but that create a good cleavage effect so that they can show off their new, enhanced figure with pride. Contact Crawford Plastic Surgery today.

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