How to Select Breast Implant Size

December 27, 2013

It can be difficult to pick the appropriate breast size, especially if a woman has had small breasts all her life. The truth is that there is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to which size to choose. It depends entirely on the woman’s body and her desired look once the implants have settled entirely. This can be difficult to determine fully until you meet with your doctor and see what suggestions he or she has. It may be helpful to bring pictures or ideas of the desired look along to the initial breast augmentation consultation.

Size A Implants

These implants are best for more petite women, or for women who feel they are particularly flat-chested and want some increase in size, without a drastic change in the shape of their upper body. Women with particularly thin frames may go for a size A implant, so as to create a more natural look without overwhelming their upper half. Women who have had a mastectomy will sometimes get this size of implants, in order to even out the look of their chest. Some who have particularly uneven breasts may also opt for this size of implant, again to make the breasts more uniform in size.

Size B Implants

Particularly thin women, who want improved chest definition, will often opt for this size of implant, because it looks more natural on a slim frame than larger implants. This size may be appropriate for many women, for both symmetry and augmentation purposes. These smaller implants can help women obtain a perkier look and a fuller shape, which is the main goal of some women who desire breast implants.

Size C Implants

Again, this size of implants can be too large for some women, and just right for others. It all depends on the desired look. Some women with wider shoulders and hips, but with a smaller chest, may opt for C-cups to balance their bodies. Other women may simply desire a larger chest than the one nature endowed them with. Size C in a fairly standard cup size, often considered to be neither too large nor too small.

Size D Implants

D-cup implants may overwhelm some figures, while balancing out others. While some women are very aware of the slightly “fake” look of a too large chest, this is just the look that others are going for. D-cup implants can help to balance a chest that is uneven, especially in cases like a mastectomy, where the entire breast has been removed. In this situation, a larger implant is the best choice.

How to Choose and Communicate with Your Doctor

Simply telling your doctor which cup size is desired will probably not help very much as the surgeon considers what kind and what size of implants to use. Bringing pictures of women with the same frame, but with the augmented chest size, is the most effective way to explain the desired result. This will enable the surgeon to understand what size will help the individual woman achieve the desired look.

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