Signs You Should Consider Breast Lift

February 10, 2020
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As women get older, there’s a greater likelihood of their breasts drooping and sagging. In order to address this sign of advanced age, many women visit Crawford Plastic Surgery for a breast lift (mastopexy). We’ve helped countless patients in the Atlanta and Marietta, GA area by performing breast lift surgery.

It may not always be clear if breast lift surgery is right for your needs. Below, we’ll go over some of the most common signs that a breast lift would be best to rejuvenate and enhance your appearance.

Your Breasts Sag

Sagging breasts can leave you looking older and less fit. Some woman may simply be born with breasts that droop. The sure way to restore perkiness to the breasts is to undergo breast lift surgery.

Your Breasts Are Asymmetrical

Sometimes the sagging of the breasts isn’t the issue but rather the asymmetry caused by sagging breasts. If one breast droops more than the other, the unevenness can be particularly extreme. A breast lift can effectively undo this cosmetic issue.

You Feel Self-Conscious About Drooping Breasts

You should only consider cosmetic surgery if issues like drooping, sagging, lines, and wrinkles affect your sense of self. If these aesthetic issues are causing you to feel less confident or less happy about your appearance, breast lift surgery can certainly help.

You Are in Good Overall Health

Ideal candidates for breast lift are in good overall health. They should not suffer from any medical conditions that would make a breast enhancement procedure a potential risk to overall wellness.

You Have Weighed the Risks and Benefits of Breast Lift

All surgeries have risks and benefits associated with them. As part of the consultation process, we will be sure to discuss all of the risks and benefits of breast lift surgery with you in full detail. This will help ensure you are fully informed about the various aspects of the procedure.

What About Breast Augmentation Instead of a Lift?

For some patients, their cosmetic needs may be best addressed with a breast augmentation rather than a breast lift. The silicone or saline implants will help add volume to the breasts while also addressing issues with perkiness and sagging. In fact, there is a combined breast augmentation and lift procedure that can greatly improve perkiness of the breasts while also increasing breast size.

What About Breast Reduction Instead of a Lift?

In other instances, patients may benefit more from a breast reduction rather than a breast lift. The procedures are similar, though the focus of a breast reduction is removing excess breast tissue to minimize drooping and to address health issues associated with breasts are are too large.

Our Plastic Surgery Center Is Here to Help

Given the different factors to consider, you may still wonder if you should get a breast lift. That’s where we’re here to help. We can answer all of your questions and help you undergo the ideal breast enhancement procedure that addresses your aesthetic needs.

Contact Dr. Marcus H. Crawford

To learn more about breast lift surgery and why it may be the most ideal option for you and your needs, be sure to contact a board-certified plastic surgeon. We can go over all of your treatment options and help you undergo the ideal surgery given your needs.

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