Breast Implant Revision

Women choose to undergo breast implant revision surgery for a variety of reasons. Some patients are unhappy with the results of their primary breast augmentation procedure; others have developed implant complications or their implants have reached their shelf life. But no matter what your reason may be for seeking secondary breast augmentation surgery, it is important that you choose a surgeon that has experience correcting the problems that you have encountered. Dr. Marcus Crawford and Dr. Steven Bailey are Kennesaw-based plastic surgeons that have performed breast implant revision surgery to address aesthetic and medical problems. Contact our practice today to schedule your breast implant revision consultation at our practice.

Implant Size

Choosing the right implant size is arguably one of the most difficult decisions patients and surgeons can make before the breast augmentation procedure is performed. A certain number of patients tend to experience regret over not going bigger, while a smaller number wish that they had gone smaller. Not surprisingly, one of the most common reasons for breast implant revision surgery is to change the size of the implants. If you are unhappy with your breast implants, our surgeons will listen to your complaints about your previous surgery and current breast size, and then help you select a new implant that will produce the shape that you desire.

Implant Position

Breast implant malposition can occur following breast augmentation surgery. Depending on your individual case, the implants may be placed too high, too far to one side, or too far down. In order to create an improved appearance, our surgeons can remove the implant, modify the pocket that holds the implant, and then place the new implants. If you have also experienced stretching of the skin, you may need to undergo breast lift surgery in conjunction with breast implant revision.

Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture is an unfortunate complication of breast implant surgery. It refers to the formation of scar tissue around the implant. As the condition progresses, the scar tissue can build up, affecting the feel and shape of your implants. When you come to our Atlanta office seeking breast implant revision surgery, we can either remove the implants entirely or replace them with new ones. During surgery, the surgeon will remove all traces of scar tissue; if you elect to have new implants placed, we will discuss maneuvers and therapies to decrease the risk of capsular contracture occurring in the future.


Visible rippling of breast implants typically occurs in women with thin skin and little natural breast tissue. If you have developed rippling, we can remove or replace your implants during revision surgery. If you elect to have your implants replaced, we will discuss different surgical options to help prevent breast implant rippling from occurring in the future.


Many changes have been made in breast implants over the years to minimize the risk of implant rupture.  However, rupture can occur in older devices or newer devices following trauma. If a breast implant rupture is detected, the device should be removed as soon as possible. Although saline breast implant leaks are more obvious, silicone-gel filled implant leaks are often detected during physical exam or special types of breast imaging.  Saline breast implants usually deflate quickly and result in a noticeable difference in breast size. Silicone breast implant rupture can result in a “lump” within the breast or hardening of the capsule surrounding the breast implant. If you have any concerns about the possibility of rupture or leak of your breast implants, we will evaluate you to determine if additional testing is needed to diagnose a breast implant rupture and can then perform breast implant removal, replacement, or breast lift surgery.

Breast Implant Revision Consultations

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