The labiaplasty procedure is growing in popularity among women. The treatment allows plastic surgeons to reshape the labia minora (inner lips) and labia majora (outer lips). These vaginal folds may stretch or become asymmetrical as a result of childbirth, the natural aging process, or sexual activity; for some women, the lips may be elongated due to hereditary factors. At Crawford Plastic Surgery in Kennesaw, Dr. Marcus Crawford and Dr. Steven Bailey perform labiaplasty to address vaginal aesthetic concerns.

Labiaplasty Candidates

Enlarged vaginal lips can be a source of embarrassment for women, and in some cases the condition can be painful. Long labial lips may cause discomfort when wearing snug clothing, exercising, or engaging in sexual intercourse. If you are unhappy with the appearance of the labia minora or labia majora, are experiencing pain due to long vaginal lips, and are over the age of 18, you may be a suitable candidate for labiaplasty.

The Labiaplasty Procedure

The labiaplasty typically takes one to two hours to perform. In most cases, patients only require the use of local anesthesia and a mild sedative. Then, specialized surgical instruments are used to create the small incisions, remove excess tissue, and trim and tighten the lips. Once the inner and/or outer lips have been reshaped, the incisions are closed with dissolvable sutures.

Labiaplasty Recovery

Most patients experience an easy recovery after labiaplasty. Some pain is to be expected, but the discomfort can be controlled with pain medication. In the week after surgery, post-surgical bleeding can occur; patients should wear a pad during this time. The vaginal area will be tender and swollen for a few weeks after surgery.  Avoid wearing a tampon for two weeks after surgery, and refrain from sexual intercourse for one month after surgery.

Labiaplasty Consults

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your vaginal lips? Labiaplasty can improve the appearance of the genital area. Contact our office to schedule your consultation at Crawford Plastic Surgery.