Butt Lift

Do you desire a more pronounced backside, and wish that you could get rid of the stubborn fat deposits that have settled on your hips, upper back, flanks, or stomach? The butt lift and fat grafting procedure (a.k.a. Brazilian Butt Lift) allows Kennesaw plastic surgeons Marcus Crawford and Steven Bailey to remove fat cells from one area of the body, and then transfer them into the butt to produce a rounder and perkier shape. This innovative procedure produces excellent results when performed on appropriate candidates. Contact Crawford Plastic Surgery today to find out if the butt lift procedure is right for you.

The Butt Lift Procedure

The butt lift procedure is less invasive than most other plastic surgery procedures because it does not require the use of large incisions. Despite this, it is capable of yielding dramatic body contouring results. This surgery provides a much safer alternative to buttock implants since buttock augmentation is performed with your body’s own tissue.

  • Fat Grafting: During the first step of the procedure, our surgeons will harvest fat from one area of your body using liposuction surgery. Once a sufficient amount of fat is extracted from your body, it is put through a purifying system to clean it and create a more concentrated solution. The amount of fat that can be harvested depends on the availability of fat on other areas of the body.  During your initial consultation, our surgeons will locate sites from which to harvest fat. These sites often contribute to a more shapely figure after your surgery by slimming your waistline and increasing the shape of the buttocks.
  • Fat Injections: Once your own fat has been harvested and processed, it is ready for re-injection. Our surgeons will inject precise amounts of fat into specific areas of the buttocks to produce a shapely appearance.  The injected fat is shaped during the injection process to create appropriate curves in the buttock region.

Butt Lift Recovery

The butt lift procedure is performed under general anesthesia, and you can return home immediately after the procedure. If your liposuction and butt lift procedure was conservative, you may be able to return to work and most other activities within a couple of days. If you underwent more extensive treatment, you may need up to a week off of work.

The side effects associated with the butt lift procedure include pain, bruising, and swelling in the buttocks and at the liposuction treatment site. With all fat grafting, some resorption of the fat can occur. Our surgeons have modified our surgical approach to achieve the best results possible and retain as much fat as possible during the butt lift procedure.

Butt Lift Consultations

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