Heavy brows, worry lines, and forehead furrows – these are the signs of aging that can be addressed with browlift surgery. Browlift, or forehead lifting, surgery is designed to reshape the brows and reduce skin wrinkling along the forehead. Kennesaw browlift surgeons Marcus Crawford and Steven Bailey perform various browlift techniques to elevate the brows and smooth the forehead.

Browlift Technique

The goal of browlift surgery is to reposition the eyebrows and smooth the forehead skin to provide a more youthful appearance in the upper face.  Prior to surgery, Dr. Crawford and Dr. Bailey will discuss the desired appearance of your eyebrows and forehead with you. For female patients, browlift surgery restores an arch the eyebrows that is difficult to obtain with makeup or various waxing techniques. The surgery is often performed through several small incisions at or behind the hairline. The actual location of the surgical scars are customized for each patient, however all scars are placed in an inconspicuous location and are difficult to find. In addition to reshaping the eyebrows, the skin of the forehead receives a smoother texture. This is accomplished by repositioning the skin of the forehead and modifying some of the underlying muscles. Depending of the type of muscle modification that is performed, browlift surgery can improve the wrinkles that are present, and prevent certain wrinkles from forming in the future.

Many of our patients undergo eyelid surgery or facelift in combination with browlift surgery to produce more balanced results.

After Browlift

After the browlift procedure, you can return home to rest for a few days. You can expect to experience mild discomfort, swelling, and bruising, but the worst of these side effects fade quickly. During the first two weeks after surgery, you should avoid wearing makeup, going out in the sun and wind, and making animated facial expressions. Most of our patients feel ready to return to work and other activities within a week or two of surgery, and experience the best results about one to two months after surgery.

Browlift Consults

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