Chores Checklist – What to Do before Plastic Surgery

November 08, 2012
Chores before Plastic Surgery

If you are going to have plastic surgery, one of the best things you can do in the weeks before your surgical appointment is properly prepare for surgery and your recovery. This includes completing all household chores and purchasing everything you will need for the first two weeks of your recovery. In order to make preparing for plastic surgery as easy as possible for our patients, we have developed a comprehensive checklist of the chores you should attend to a day or two before you meet with Dr. Marcus Crawford for your plastic surgery.

Run Necessary Errands

There is no doubt that you will need food, medication, and other items during your recovery from plastic surgery. Run these, and any other errands, a day or two before surgery.

  • Go grocery shopping: Try to buy at least two weeks worth of groceries and supplies. Include foods and drinks that will be easy on your stomach and easy to prepare.
  • Stop by the pharmacy or drugstore: Be sure to fill any prescriptions (regular prescriptions and for your surgery), and pick up any necessary recovery supplies such as bandages, medical tape, antibacterial soap, and healing cream.
  • Pick up the dry cleaning: If you have any clothes at the dry cleaners, pick them up before surgery so you don't have to worry about it during recovery.
  • Purchase entertainment materials: You will be hanging out at home for a week or two after surgery. Having books, magazines, movies, TV shows, games, and other entertainment will make your recovery that much more enjoyable.

Do Your Regular Household Chores

Taking care of these chores a day or two before surgery will free you to focus on healing in the two-week period after plastic surgery.

  • Laundry: Wash all of your clothes, sheets, and towels. Fold everything, and put most of the items away. Be sure to keep a few extra towels, pillowcases, and sheets easily accessible in case you need them while you heal.
  • Change the sheets on your bed: Put a fresh set of sheets on the bed the night before surgery. If you are going to recover in a recliner, you may want to place a clean sheet over the chair.
  • Clean the house: Make sure the house is clean and in order before you undergo surgery. You'll want a clean environment, free of clutter, for your recovery.
  • Take out the trash: Empty the recycling and trash in the bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen and dispose of them in their outdoor receptacles.
  • Clean up your pet's area: If you have a pet, clean up the pet's area and make sure you have enough pet food and supplies for your recovery period.

Tie Up Any Loose ends at Work

Make sure to schedule a full week or two off of work. In the days before surgery, you will need to tie up any loose ends so you can focus on your recovery.

Take Care of Anything Else Related to Your Surgery

In addition to your regular chores and taking time off of work, you will need to address any other issues that arise as a result of your surgery:

  • Prepare your recovery area: Make sure you have everything you need at your fingertips; from fresh towels and pillows, to water or ginger ale, and entertainment such as books or the TV remote. Setting up a comfortable area before you leave for surgery will save you the effort when you return home.
  • Prepare pre-made, low sodium meals: Consuming less sodium before and after surgery can reduce post-surgical swelling. Consider preparing low sodium meals that will be easy to re-heat after surgery.
  • Make sure that you have a recovery plan in place: There are things you can do to reduce pain, bruising, swelling, itching, and scars after plastic surgery. Make sure you have all of the supplies you'll need before you undergo surgery.
  • Arrange for extra care: If you have children, or if you live alone, you may want to arrange for extra care while you recover.

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