How to Pick the Best Breast Implant Size

October 22, 2019
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According to a 2013 survey from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), 98 percent of women who underwent breast augmentation surgery were satisfied with the results. In fact, 85 percent of respondents felt their breast implants were “just right.” Picking the right implant size plays a big role in overall patient satisfaction.

There are many considerations when selecting the ideal breast implant size for a patient. Dr. Marcus H. Crawford has helped countless women in the Atlanta and Marietta, GA area make the best choice for their needs. Below, let’s go over a few factors that help patients get the ideal breast implants for their body type and shape.

Avoiding Breast Implants That Are Too Big

Women get breast implants to have larger breasts, but it’s possible to get implants that are much too large. In these cases, the implants look obvious rather than natural. Breast augmentation should ideally enhance curves but appear as if a woman didn’t undergo any cosmetic work.

According to that ASPS survey, less than 2 percent of women felt that their breast implants were too big. That’s why planning a bit conservatively may be a good call.

Avoiding Breast Implants Are Too Small

That said, it’s important to avoid being too conservative. The ASPS survey revealed that while satisfied with overall outcomes, 13 percent of breast augmentation patients wished their implants were larger.

Given that approximately 15 percent of women didn’t get breast implants that fit “just right,” this makes the pre-op consultation and planning phase so important.

How Breast Implants Affect Your Frame

When picking the ideal breast implant size, one must consider a woman’s frame and body type.

Women who have thinner bodies, narrower hips, smaller shoulders, and more delicate frames may not need large breast implants. Smaller implants can achieve more natural results while still enhancing curves and body contours.

Women with more robust bodies, bigger frames, and wider hips could benefit from larger breast implants. In these cases, larger implants better complement the dimensions of the patient’s body.

How Implant Profile Affects Breast Appearance

Implant size is not the only factor to consider. Implant profile can make a difference as well. The profile of a breast implant refers to the amount of outward projection of an implant.

For women with narrow chests, higher profile implants may be more ideal given how these implants complement their frame. Women with wider shoulders and broader chests will generally be better candidates for low profile implants given how natural they will look when the implants are in place.

Why Discussing This with a Cosmetic Surgeon Is Crucial

The above issues are important factors that need to be considered by cosmetic surgeons prior to surgery. Working with a skilled plastic surgeon will help ensure the most ideal results possible. That’s why it’s important to visit us in person for a consultation.

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To learn more about breast implants and how we can ensure you are satisfied with the results of breast augmentation surgery, be sure to contact an experienced cosmetic surgeon. We look forward to your visit and discussing these matters with you in greater detail.

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