In many ways, cosmetic surgery can be considered a form of subtle art. The goal is to enhance the patient’s natural features, but without making the end result look overly obvious that the patient has undergone cosmetic surgery. Patients have invested a considerable amount of time, money, and thought into their decision to undergo cosmetic surgery. Given all that is at stake for patients, it should not be surprising that they want the best possible outcome from their cosmetic surgery. They...Read More

The decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is deeply personal for most individuals. Their decision often stems from a desire to improve their appearance, whether through rhinoplasty, facelift, breast augmentation, or other cosmetic surgical procedures. Because this decision is so personal, the surgeons at Crawford Plastic Surgery strongly suggest that potential patients have a very clear idea of what cosmetic surgery can and can’t do, and what the patient can do to increase his or her chances...Read More


The negative effects of smoking are widespread, and they even affect patients who are interested in plastic surgery. For patients that wish to undergo the facelift procedure, it is important to stop smoking at least fourteen days prior to the surgery. But why is it so important to stop smoking before facelift surgery? Not only does smoking depress the circulatory system, it also has a serious effect on the health of the skin and can make it more difficult for the body to repair itself after...Read More

As with any surgery, tummy tuck is associated with potential side effects. In the days and weeks after the surgery, most patients will experience a range of side effects, including swelling, bruising, and discomfort. For patients, knowing whether or not the side effects they are experiencing are normal - and how to deal with them - can make the entire surgical process less stressful; this knowledge can also make the recovery period shorter and more comfortable for the patient. The following...Read More


Given that the baby boom generation is now reaching maturity, it should not be surprising that the surgeons at Crawford Plastic Surgery are seeing an upswing in cosmetic surgical procedures, especially among older patients. A facelift procedure is a good example of this trend. A facelift can transform the appearance from old, tired, and worn, to fresh, alert, and youthful. 

The Surgical Facelift Procedure

There are a number of specific areas on the face that can be addressed...Read More


There are many different factors that make a person a good candidate for a breast augmentation surgery. Age and health are two major factors when it comes to breast augmentations, but there a few other factors that may affect a patient’s candidacy. Consulting a plastic surgeon is the best way to be absolutely sure that a patient is a good candidate for a plastic surgery, but here are a few guidelines that can help individuals know whether or not they might be able to have a breast...Read More


The weeks before a breast augmentation surgery can be very stressful, especially if the patient does not know how to prepare for the upcoming surgery. While every plastic surgeon may have his or her own list of specific instructions, the general instructions for pre-op breast augmentation surgery are generally the same no matter where a patient is having her surgery or who is performing it.

Three Weeks Prior

Most surgeons will check the health of the body, discuss the patient...Read More

Women who have breasts that are too large for their body are often told that they are lucky to have such naturally large breasts, even though, in many cases, they can cause serious pain and contribute to a lack of confidence. If a woman thinks she might have overly large breasts, she should examine the following list of symptoms to determine whether or not she might be a candidate for breast reduction surgery.


A woman’s body is usually equipped to handle the weight of...Read More

While genetics generally dictate where body fat accumulates, there are areas specific to both men and women that are more likely to be affected by excess fat, whether or not the individual is being conscientious about a diet and exercise routine. No matter how hard a person works out or how balanced his or her diet is, there is still going to be some fat accumulation.

Fat is essential for the body to function properly, which is why women who do not have a high enough fat percentage...Read More


It is not uncommon for patients who come to see Dr. Crawford for a consultation about a breast augmentation procedure to be concerned about possible excessive scarring from the procedure. After all, the reason many patients opt for cosmetic surgery is to enhance their appearance. Unsightly scars might very well detract from that. One way in which the possibility of excessive scarring can be reduced is by using a transaxillary procedure to place the breast implants rather than the...Read More