After plastic surgery, many patients experience a temporary loss of sensation at or around the incision site. Many patients report a feeling of numbness and tingling after surgery. Each patient’s experience will be different, but in general, some numbness and tingling are common side effects of plastic surgery.


The most standard sensation is either no sensation at all (though the patient may feel the weight of the skin, he or she may not be able to feel the skin...Read More


It is becoming more common for prospective cosmetic surgery patients to select a surgeon based on his or her skills and reputation, rather than geographical convenience. This means that more patients may be traveling long distances, many times by plane, to have their surgery done. Whereas previously, patients were not necessarily concerned about how soon after their cosmetic surgery they could safely fly, this is becoming a growing concern. There are safety concerns to keep in mind when...Read More


Patients who decide to undergo breast augmentation surgery have a certain idea in mind for how the procedure will improve their appearance. They may picture themselves with fuller breasts that will give them the cleavage that they did not naturally have. With this in mind, it can come to a shock for some patients to discover that the reality of the results of their breast augmentation did no match up to what they had in...Read More


Most doctors recommend that patients stop drinking alcohol a full week before undergoing plastic surgery. This is true of any medical procedure, but is especially true before cosmetic surgery. Many people question this practice, as alcohol is so common and such an integral part of their lives. There are very serious medical reasons, however, that dictate why a patient should stop drinking at least a week before plastic surgery.

Lowered Immune System

Alcohol compromises the...Read More


Patients who are in overall good health are the best candidates for cosmetic surgical procedures. There is much less risk of complications during the surgery, healing time is significantly less, and patients get much better results from the procedures. However, not all prospective cosmetic surgery patients are the picture of perfect health. They may have chronic medical conditions, such as high blood pressure, which puts them at greater risk. Does this mean that such patients should not...Read More


Chest wrinkles are one of the least anticipated signs of aging. Few women expect them as they age, even if they expect to get lines on their face and see sagging skin around their chins. They are often shocked by the appearance of these wrinkles and want to get rid of them as quickly as possible. After years of having a taut, firm chest area, they are frustrated by the appearance of wrinkles and age spots that so easily betray their age.

Cause of Chest Wrinkles

As a woman...Read More


Women who opt for breast augmentation want to enhance their appearance. They often eagerly wait out the healing process in order to show off their new figure to the world. Unfortunately, in a few cases, patients may not get the results they had hoped for. The breast implants may not be placed correctly on the chest (breast implant malpositioning). In most of these cases, a second corrective surgery (...Read More

Bullying is a serious problem in today’s society, with some children taking every opportunity to taunt other children. In some cases, bullying continues unchecked, no matter what measures the parents and teachers try to take. When this happens, bullying can take a serious psychological toll on the mind of children and adolescents. If they are constantly teased about their appearance, it is very easy to become depressed and even suicidal. Though parents and teachers will try to shield...Read More


Other than the surgery itself, the thing that most women are concerned about when it comes to plastic surgery is how long it will take them to heal once the surgery is over. Though healing times vary from person to person, there are ways to speed up healing and ensure that the patient has the best resources for the healing process.

Ice Packs

Ice compresses can significantly reduce swelling and bruising areas after plastic surgery, especially when they are applied properly and...Read More


The decision to invest in cosmetic surgery is not made lightly. It is also an investment of money, time, and effort. People who opt to undergo plastic surgery have made a commitment to improving their features to look as good as possible.

However, patients may not be aware that their investment in cosmetic surgery needs to start well before the actual surgery itself. It is vital to be as healthy as possible before undergoing any surgical procedure, including cosmetic work. Avoiding...Read More