The entire reason for undergoing breast augmentation surgery is to improve the appearance of the breasts. Patients want to boost their confidence about and enhance the way they look.

Unfortunately, in some cases, patients may not get the results they desire. Pregnancy, weight gain or loss, initial implant misplacement, or the natural effects of aging may cause the implants to shift out of position or change in shape. Under these circumstances, patients may have to undergo...Read More

Reducing Your Risk of Infection

Your cosmetic surgery was a success. You’ve been sent home with a stack of informational material from your doctor about how to take care of yourself after the surgery. This may include instructions on changing your dressing, bathing or showering, reducing scarring and infection, and certain...Read More

Prevention and Treatment of Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture is an abnormal response of the body’s immune system in response to the presence of a foreign body. This may occur with artificial joints, pacemakers, or orthopedic prosthetics. However, perhaps the most common occurrence is following breast augmentation, when the body rejects the implants. A capsule of hard scar tissue forms around the implant; this is the body’s way of attempting to seal it off from...Read More


Bleeding is a fairly common complication following any surgery, whether or not it is a cosmetic procedure. Any time the skin is cut open, there is a risk of bleeding due to damage to the skin, capillaries, tissue, and sometimes even internal organs. However, there are certain steps you, the patient, can take, both prior to surgery and afterwards, to reduce your risk for excessive bleeding. Dr. Marcus Crawford has a number of...Read More

Ear Pressure after Rhinoplasty

Undergoing any type of plastic surgery can have many potential benefits, but these procedures are associated with side effects. This is the case for rhinoplasty, or nose surgery. Keep in mind that while most patients are satisfied with the results of rhinoplasty, they will also need to take the proper amount of time to allow themselves to heal from any side effects and fully recover from the procedure. One side effect patients...Read More

Compression Garment Schedule after Plastic Surgery

Planning for a plastic surgery procedure involves more than just setting up an appointment. Before you make all your plans for your surgery, it is important to consult Dr. Marcus Crawford to better understand what you need to do to prepare for your specific plastic surgery procedure, your actual surgery date, and the recovery process. There may be a few keys to recovery that you may not have initially planned in your surgery schedule. For patients that have undergone body contouring or...Read More

Surgical Drains after Plastic Surgery

Depending on the type of plastic surgery you undergo, a surgical drain may required during the initial healing period. Here are some answers to a few commonly asked questions we receive here at Dr. Marcus Crawford’s office.

When are surgical drains removed?

It depends both on the procedure you underwent and how fast your body heals. There is no technical time limit to when the surgical drains removed. Usually, the drains are removed when the fluid coming out of the drain is...Read More

Reducing Nausea after Plastic Surgery

Numerous surveys taken by those who’ve had anesthesia administered while undergoing plastic surgery rank nausea and vomiting as the side effects they would most like to avoid. Post-operative nausea and vomiting, also known as (PONV), have long been considered common side effects for anyone being put under general anesthesia for plastic surgery and other surgical procedures. It is estimated that about 35 percent of patients undergoing any sort of surgery will experience PONV. To minimize or...Read More


Meeting with your doctor and scheduling your appointment is only half the battle when planning for surgery. While it’s important to take precautions leading up to your surgery, it is equally as important to make a steady plan for recovery. Ideally, you will be surrounded with friends and family waiting to serve you after your surgery, but there are a few things Dr....Read More


There are so many things to do before undergoing cosmetic surgery, ranging from doctor appointments, to possible lab tests, to arranging for your transportation and care after the surgery is complete. However, in the hustle and bustle of preparations, don’t forget to make a special shopping trip for items you may need during your recovery. Here, Atlanta plastic surgeon Marcus Crawford provides some tips for what to put on that pre-surgery shopping list to help ensure a smooth and uneventful...Read More